8 Enterprises Use Paper Pipette
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    Starbucks announced last week that it planned to shut down plastic pipes in all stores by 2020, calling it "a proactive response to the plastic waste crisis". In addition to the coffee giant Starbucks, at least seven companies plan to abandon plastic straws, reduce waste and save turtles.

    By 2016, there were at least 150 million tons of plastic in the ocean. Starbucks estimates that 28,000 stores across the United States will use less than 1 billion plastic straws a year after launching the current plan.

    What are these companies going to replace plastic straws with?

    1. Starbucks

    When Starbucks announced that it would reduce waste from plastic pipes, it said it would replace existing cold drink pipes with recyclable plastic cup caps. If a guest requests a straw when drinking Star Ice, use a straw made of paper or compostable plastic instead.

    2. Hyatt

    Hyatt Hotel Group announced at a press conference that plastic straws will only be provided on September 1 according to customer requirements. Hyatt also said it would replace other products with "green solutions", but did not give a clear explanation.

    3. Hilton Hotel

    According to Hilton's plan, 650 hotels under the group will stop using plastic pipes in 2018 to achieve the goal of halving the environmental footprint by 2030. Hilton said it could supply pipettes at customer's request, but it could be paper pipettes or biodegradable pipettes.

    4. British Marriott

    According to the BBC, Marriott International said in February 2018 that more than 60 British hotels would abandon plastic pipes. Marriott said it would offer alternative products, such as biodegradable straws or paper straws, at customer's request.

    5. American Airlines

    American Airlines, like Starbucks and Hyatt Hyatt, announced that it would completely stop using plastic pipes by November. Biodegradable products will be used instead of plastic pipes on company flights.

    6. Alaska Airlines

    Alaska Airlines announced in May that it would replace plastic pipes with "sustainable products conducive to the protection of the oceans" this summer, according to the Associated Press.

    7. Ocean Entertainment Company

    Marine Entertainment announced that it would stop using disposable plastic straws and bags in all 12 theme parks as part of its "Animal and Habitat Protection Program". The company circular did not suggest that other sustainable materials should be used instead.

    8. Royal Caribbean

    Earlier this year, Royal Caribbean said that all 50 of its cruise ships would stop using plastic pipes by 2019, and paper pipes would be available if customers asked.

    Plastic pipette ban

    In addition to some companies planning to stop using plastic pipettes, many cities have introduced a ban on plastic pipettes, saying fines will be imposed on non-compliance agencies. Miami Beach, Seattle, Auckland, Berkeley and other cities have introduced similar policies.

    Although some environmental protection organizations applaud the move to stop using plastic pipes to clean up the ocean, the rights protection organizations for the disabled believe that the total ban of plastic pipes will have a negative impact on the disabled.

    Access Living, a rights protection organization for the disabled in Chicago, told Fortune that banning plastic straws was worrying. "For many people with disabilities, the use of plastic straws is a rare way to drink water. Suggestions have been made for straws made of metal, glass, bamboo or paper, but these materials will make it difficult for at least some people with disabilities.

    The organization explained that pipettes made of alternative materials such as metals "can cause pain or injury to the mouth. The paper straw dissolves easily. Many people with disabilities have to use plastic straws because they are flexible enough to take a sip of water for physical reasons or in a special way.
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